Wet and Messy 1

What fun to see stocks and pillories being put to their original purpose: punishment through public humiliation. And the time-honoured tradition of pelting the criminal with all sorts of yucky things is still going strong. Fairs and fetes often have stocks and pillories in which people willingly subject themselves to a barrage of soggy sponges, custard pies and the like. There never seems to be a shortage of volunteers, and there are always plenty of people who are eager to pelt the helpless prisoner........as the following pictures demonstrate.

e0f5.JPG. fc9f.JPG. fete3.JPG. badgirl.JPG. talah.JPG. get.JPG. get1.JPG. hootnanny.JPG. karen202.JPG. laughs.JPG.

bucket.JPG. dundee.JPG. image.JPG. 11045336.JPG. DSCF1804.JPG. birchwood.JPG. Bmo5R3-IUAAjyEb.JPG. CkrLJ2QXEAA0NUF.JPG. duchy college.JPG.

pritchard.JPG. 9d2b77_3802178d6b2f4ba99e67ef080d8b17af.JPG. 13704161_1239729472733855_853900331_n.JPG. 3185717254.JPG. brandon1.JPG. brandon2.JPG. brandon3.JPG. brighton-rag-queen-put-in-the-stocks-october-1956-rowena-higgs-aged-B4W9PA.JPG.

image_26_46.JPG. image_26_44.JPG. juergen.JPG. traceycrouch.JPG. Asda_Kirsty.JPG. Asda_Sarah.JPG. BE77923-06_JPG_gallery.JPG. 34-BBB-079-IMG_3260.JPG.

hova.JPG. 1120xC1280x853.33333333333+0+-0.1120x747.JPG. 70689480_809338486130632_5186674786654224384_o.JPG. 311146549.JPG. 8-e1688652812774.JPG. 67445796_10156316674540866_8308312997990760448_n.JPG. 13442533_10154294427421155_1375212078538751301_o.JPG. 245334652_2652036235091615_4531714451082366041_n.JPG.

A teenage lad constructs a pillory for wet sponge throwing, but it needs to be tested before being used at the local fair. To this end, he manages to persuade his mother to try out the pillory. As you can see, it seems to work very well.

stocks_testing_1.JPG. stocks_testing_2.JPG. stocks_testing_3.JPG. stocks_testing_4.JPG. stocks_testing_5.JPG. stocks_testing_6.JPG.

Some employees of a company called Liniar raising funds for Red Nose Day (a UK charity).

liniar_02.JPG. liniar_03.JPG. liniar_05.JPG. liniar_06.JPG. liniar_07.JPG.

A bunch of students at Cornwall College are provided with water, sponges, custard pies and a pillory. What could possibly go wrong?

1455960_10151820662419075_614218041_n.JPG. 1424344_10151820662729075_1323995269_n.JPG. 580599_10151820662504075_1020480042_n.JPG. 1907897_10152577234484075_8534666525988410853_n.JPG. 10632601_10152577233799075_4371492803188991584_n.JPG. 995263_10151827907879075_1258316341_n.JPG. 2023-11-03_12-26-06.JPG. 2023-11-03_12-25-03.JPG.

Teachers take turns in the pillory at Margaret McMillan School.

margaret_mcmillanA01.JPG. margaret_mcmillanA02.JPG. margaret_mcmillanA03.JPG. margaret_mcmillanA12.JPG. margaret_mcmillanA13.JPG. margaret_mcmillanA17.JPG. margaret_mcmillanA18.JPG.

margaret_mcmillanA19.JPG. margaret_mcmillanB04.JPG. margaret_mcmillanB05.JPG. margaret_mcmillanB06.JPG. margaret_mcmillanB11.JPG. margaret_mcmillanC07.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD08.JPG.

margaret_mcmillanD09.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD10.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD14.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD15.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD16.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD20.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD21.JPG.

margaret_mcmillanD22.JPG. margaret_mcmillanD23.JPG.

Some pictures from the Zombiewalk in Birmingham, England, where people disguise themselves as zombies to raise money for charity. These are discerning zombies who prefer to baste the head with wet sponges before eating the brains.

Zombiewalk1.JPG. Zombiewalk2.JPG. Zombiewalk3.JPG. Zombiewalk4.JPG. Zombiewalk5.JPG. Zombiewalk6.JPG.

These pictures are from the Raptors MCC Jurassic Rally in Horbling, UK.

ft5a4054.JPG. ft5a4055.JPG. ft5a4056.JPG. ft5a4057.JPG. ft5a4058.JPG. ft5a4059.JPG. ft5a4085.JPG.

ft5a4086.JPG. ft5a4087.JPG. ft5a4088.JPG. ft5a4089.JPG. ft5a4091.JPG. ft5a4096.JPG. ft5a4097.JPG.

ft5a4098.JPG. ft5a4101.JPG.

Some employees of Tesco getting very wet indeed, possibly at the hands of angry customers.

charlotte2.JPG. charlotte4.JPG. Emily2.JPG. Emily3.JPG. Linda2.JPG. Linda4.JPG. Mandy1.JPG. Mandy6.JPG. Tesco2.JPG. Tesco4.JPG. Tesco6.JPG.

Morrisons supermarket has found a way to recycle out of date stock.

11693978_113536592321489_4886367407053828468_n.JPG. 11692787_113536992321449_6211115703427739994_n.JPG. 11401319_113536972321451_8494936795836646755_n.JPG. 11060168_113536915654790_9033948264640757371_n.JPG. 11403026_113537012321447_7412242875228287514_n.JPG. 11698691_113537048988110_1696902952806635762_n.JPG. 11707700_113536785654803_4257160375164208773_n.JPG. 11228520_113536855654796_5557824649809756995_n.JPG. 11236465_113537132321435_2018401238354806702_n.JPG.

Helping to save rhinos on World Rhino Day 2016. Volunteers are pelted with water balloons and, appropriately, wet rhino dung. At least the rhinos are playing their part.

ScreenHunter_946 Feb. 12 20.24.JPG. ScreenHunter_961 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG. ScreenHunter_994 Feb. 12 20.26.JPG. ScreenHunter_987 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG. ScreenHunter_988 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG. ScreenHunter_975 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG. ScreenHunter_977 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG. ScreenHunter_979 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG.

ScreenHunter_955 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG. ScreenHunter_956 Feb. 12 20.25.JPG.

An enthusiastic volunteer at the Stalisfield Green Fair.

stalisfield_green1.JPG. stalisfield_green2.JPG. stalisfield_green3.JPG. stalisfield_green4.JPG. stalisfield_green5.JPG. stalisfield_green6.JPG.

In a US TV show called "ANT Farm", Chyna and Lexi (neither of whom are over-burdened with intellect) are tricked into the pillory at a local carnival by Maria Antoinette, who proceeds to pelt them with cream cakes. I suppose they didn't have any bread.

ANT_Farm_1.JPG. ANT_Farm_2.JPG. ANT_Farm_3.JPG. ANT_Farm_4.JPG. ANT_Farm_5.JPG. ANT_Farm_6.JPG. ANT_Farm_7.JPG.

ANT_Farm_8.JPG. ANT_Farm_9.JPG. ANT_Farm_10.JPG. ANT_Farm_11.JPG. ANT_Farm_12.JPG.

From an unknown German fair.


A wayward wench in the UK TV programme "Jamestown" is on the receiving end of a bucket of pig product. And I don't mean bacon.

ScreenHunter_2157.JPG. ScreenHunter_2176.JPG. ScreenHunter_2252.JPG. ScreenHunter_2178.JPG. ScreenHunter_2179.JPG. ScreenHunter_2180.JPG.

Good to see tomatoes making a comeback, after all the wet sponges and custard pies. The old ways are the best (nostalgic sigh).

mj_stocks_1.JPG. mj_stocks_2.JPG. mj_stocks_3.JPG. mj_stocks_4.JPG. mj_stocks_5.JPG. mj_stocks_6.JPG. mj_stocks_7.JPG.

mj_stocks_8.JPG. mj_stocks_10.JPG. mj_stocks_11.JPG. mj_stocks_12.JPG. mj_stocks_9.JPG.

The demon drink shalt lead ye to eternal damnation....preceded by a spell in the pillory at the Bristol renfaire.

5111.JPG. ed42.JPG. 5f99.JPG. 2e86.JPG. 3d57.JPG. 5a49.JPG. 56bb.JPG.

366e.JPG. 3616.JPG. 5694.JPG. a4d1.JPG. b372.JPG. f46c.JPG. ffa1.JPG. 3419360249_041a61d437_o.JPG.

Now for some "before and after" pictures. Wonderful expressions on their faces!

seymour11.JPG. seymour21.JPG.

teacher_stocks1.JPG. teacher_stocks2.JPG.

teacher1.JPG. teacher2.JPG.

5350.JPG. 5351.JPG.

sharon1.JPG. sharon2.JPG.

hutton1.JPG. hutton2.JPG.

mayoress1.JPG. mayoress2.JPG.

splat1.JPG. splat2.JPG.

barber1.JPG. barber2.JPG.

Castle_Bar01.JPG. Castle_Bar03.JPG.


Cokethorpe01.JPG. Cokethorpe02.JPG.

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