Wet and Messy 2

Fund raising for Kershaw's Hospice. A treat for all you custard afficianados: liberal use of custard on a variety of victims, both pouring it on and throwing custard pies.

1045.JPG. 1046.JPG. 1048.JPG. 1052.JPG. 1054.JPG. 1082.JPG. 1084.JPG. 1086.JPG. 1087.JPG. 1088.JPG.

2000.JPG. 2002.JPG. 2003.JPG. 2004.JPG. 1060.JPG. APC_7243.JPG. APC_7245.JPG. stannshospice45 (2).JPG. stannshospice45.JPG.

Carli2.JPG. Carli1.JPG. APC_7206.JPG. JS41197040.JPG. APC_7239.JPG. APC_7222.JPG. custard pies 004.JPG. custard pies 009.JPG. custard pies 019.JPG. DSCF0146.JPG. DSCF0168.JPG.

Staff at Fidgets Pre-School and Nursery getting wet for charity.

Fidgets1.JPG. Fidgets3.JPG. Fidgets2.JPG. Fidgets4.JPG. Fidgets5.JPG. Fidgets6.JPG. Fidgets7.JPG. Fidgets8.JPG.

A pink pillory at Laya Healthcare's City Spectacular. That's so last season.

11705707_1196739890351977_5887400478179199697_o.JPG. 11731629_1196739880351978_2520203726453804826_o.JPG. 11722181_1196740870351879_1202460139026138533_o.JPG. 11703232_1196739873685312_1028610763819915872_o.JPG.

A less peaceful interlude at the Leamington Peace Festival.

lpf1.JPG. lpf2.JPG. lpf3.JPG. lpf4.JPG. lpf5.JPG.

From the UK version of Big Brother. One of the attention-seeking egotists is put in a pillory and has buckets of gunge poured over her. What's not to like?

BigBrotherUK7.JPG. BigBrotherUK11.JPG. BigBrotherUK12.JPG. BigBrotherUK13.JPG. BigBrotherUK14.JPG. BigBrotherUK17.JPG. BigBrotherUK19.JPG. BigBrotherUK20.JPG. BigBrotherUK21.JPG.

BigBrotherUK22.JPG. BigBrotherUK23.JPG. BigBrotherUK24.JPG. BigBrotherUK25.JPG. BigBrotherUK28.JPG. BigBrotherUK30.JPG. BigBrotherUK31.JPG. BigBrotherUK33.JPG. BigBrotherUK35.JPG.

Here are some vidcaps from an Australian TV programme called "Genie Down Under". A demonstration of close up tomato work.

otto04.JPG. “I suppose you think this is funny?”
otto05.JPG. “Maybe this will fix my split ends?”
otto16.JPG. “I've never been so humiliated in my life”
otto18.JPG. “Uh oh......I spoke too soon”
otto08.JPG. “Mmmmppppffffhhhhh!!!”
otto20.JPG. “I hate tomatoes!”

Here is the wonderful Rosaleen Young in the stocks....getting very messy indeed. I don't know what Rosaleen did to get put in the stocks, but she must have been very naughty :-)

ry047a039.JPG. ry047a042.JPG. ry047a052.JPG. ry047a054.JPG.

From the Buttstock festival. You can tell its in the UK because of the grey skies.

Buttstock2005.JPG. DSCF1934.JPG. DSCF1935.JPG. DSCF1937.JPG. DSCF1947.JPG. DSCF1949.JPG. DSCF1951.JPG. DSCF1952.JPG. DSCF1954.JPG. DSCF1955.JPG.

Our German friends have ways of dealing with quarrelsome frauleins....a doppelhalsgeige. Its a shrew's fiddle for two women. Here we see some hot tempered wenches being cooled off.

4055.JPG. 4056.JPG. 4057.JPG. 2006bhf46.JPG. 2006bhf47.JPG. 2006bhf48.JPG.

Remaining in Germany, we now visit the Kaltenberg faire. Here we see the faces of volunteers being glued and feathered. There might have been fewer volunteers if the traditional tar had been used. They must remain in the pillory until they can persuade some of the crowd to kiss them.

Kaltenberg1.JPG. Kaltenberg2.JPG. Kaltenberg3.JPG. Kaltenberg4.JPG. Kaltenberg5.JPG. Kaltenberg6.JPG. Kaltenberg7.JPG.

Kaltenberg8.JPG. Kaltenberg9.JPG. 12568884_894140214040806_1520914502_n (German).JPG Kaltenberg10.JPG. Kaltenberg11.JPG. vorhang1.JPG. vorhang2.JPG.

Some more "before and after" pictures.

314832.JPG. 302197.JPG.

fete-2008-7.JPG. fete-2008-6.JPG.

2660.JPG. 2660713839_8ca8ee14af_b.JPG.

mason1.JPG. mason2.JPG.

Soaking2015.JPG. Soaking2016.JPG.

052.JPG. 054.JPG.

asda-custard-before.JPG. asda-custard-after.JPG.

Jan_stocks1.JPG. Jan_stocks2.JPG.

6226089-large.JPG. 6226090-large.JPG.

pontypridd1.JPG. pontypridd2.JPG.


StudyLinks192.JPG. StudyLinks200.JPG.

These are from a British TV show called Wakey Wakey Campers, where volunteers stay in a nostalgic 1960s style holiday camp. The camp has strict rules, as Joanna finds out to her cost.

WakeyWakey1.JPG. WakeyWakey2.JPG. WakeyWakey3.JPG. WakeyWakey4.JPG. WakeyWakey5.JPG. WakeyWakey6.JPG. WakeyWakey7.JPG. WakeyWakey8.JPG. WakeyWakey9.JPG.

Another British TV show called Cruel Winter, which shows how far modern holiday camps have improved since the 1960s. Here the guests are treated to a facial in the camp's luxury health spa. In first class, there is a choice of tomatoes, gravy....or horse poo.

CruelWinter5.JPG. CruelWinter7.JPG. CruelWinter10.JPG. CruelWinter11.JPG. CruelWinter12.JPG. CruelWinter13.JPG. CruelWinter20.JPG. CruelWinter21.JPG.

CruelWinter24.JPG. CruelWinter26.JPG. CruelWinter29.JPG. CruelWinter30.JPG. CruelWinter31.JPG. CruelWinter32.JPG. CruelWinter39.JPG.

CruelWinter41.JPG. CruelWinter44.JPG. CruelWinter45.JPG. CruelWinter48.JPG. CruelWinter53.JPG. CruelWinter57.JPG.

St Charles Guild believe in the puritan ethos that cleanliness is next to godliness. Let the cleansing of the sinners commence.

2007068.JPG. 2007072.JPG. 2007073.JPG. 2007074.JPG. 2007075.JPG. 2007076.JPG. 2007077.JPG. 2007078.JPG.

ccrfm21.JPG. ccrfm22.JPG. ccrfm23.JPG. ccrfm24.JPG.

268345.JPG. 268346.JPG. womaninstocks.JPG. stcharlesguild2.JPG.

stcg1.JPG. stcg2.JPG. stcg3.JPG. stcg4.JPG.

stcharlesguild3.JPG. stcharlesguild4.JPG. stcharlesguild5.JPG. stcharlesguild6.JPG. stcharlesguild7.JPG. stcharlesguild8.JPG.

6375101325_dee15096b9_b.JPG. 6375177733_1c44303cc8_b.JPG. 6375181391_c4571673ea_b.JPG. 6375186277_e6a134c11a_b.JPG.

6375090611_f99aa3be49_b.JPG. 6375106719_411710fbcf_b.JPG. 6375111437_fbcaf28b13_b.JPG. 6375116227_2c22970fb0_b.JPG. 6375127741_544714bcd7_b.JPG. 6375133513_f0acac0ccc_b.JPG. 6375146385_a6d751bfe8_b.JPG. 6375161509_dc8ee985ea_b.JPG. 6375085307_fe7c8f86a1_b.JPG.

The good people of Mons en Pevele demonstrate their time-honoured method of testing suspected witches. First catch a witch and place her in a medium-sized pillory.

1500.JPG. Then apply a large flagon of holy water. The water should be chilled for best results.
1464.JPG. The witch should then be annointed with consecrated mud. If a priest is not available, ordinary garden mud will do.
1467.JPG. It has been scientifically proven that witches have an aversion to boiled sweets. As you can see, orange flavour is particularly effective.
1495.JPG. When confronted with clingfilm, the witch will usually confess that she is a handmaiden of Beelzebub. It is essential that this final test is performed by a man wearing a kilt.

Finally, here are some more miscellaneous pictures.

piedkarin.JPG. 037.JPG. 051.JPG. 062.JPG. 599138.JPG. 1026056_173802066135434_1888467178_o.JPG. 1077788_173803312801976_1450995569_o.JPG. fete12_8.JPG. schandpaal.JPG.

splat1.JPG. sheila.JPG. sn-43-MEANSPIKE.JPG. youghal-medieval-fun-day-4.JPG. 676fda40d68511e2a67b22000a9e0056_7.JPG. 304542_262594577097825_223562527667697_950249_144889555_n.JPG. 317172_262594473764502_223562527667697_950248_1917866495_n.JPG. 3468717732.JPG. asda-custard-1.JPG.

IMGP3329.JPG. Lvjik66vkl1r70uz1o1_1280.JPG. pie haleyDSC_0644.JPG. JS41250889.JPG. JS41250825.JPG. 5677172282_7611dc2f69_o.JPG. 10616756_697082720347591_1093190667_n.JPG. 564.JPG.

6249411-large.JPG. 6846949-large.JPG. 10598632_328087340705621_1773667361_n.JPG. alexanders.JPG. juliebyard1.JPG. juliebyard2.JPG. juliebyard3.JPG. moreton.JPG. rosaria.JPG.

SAM_0898.JPG. throwing-sponges-at-people-in-stocks-as-team-building-exercise-BN7BWM.JPG. toora.JPG. 11385602_717665778380108_2063744852_n.JPG. 20065385_485340398465650_5830676545387102208_n.JPG. 2888990295.JPG. donelly.JPG. finn.JPG. 3338449637.JPG.

delinkventen.JPG. DSC01649.JPG. Judy-sponged-by-Chris-Kelly-MP-03-July-13-Netherton-Fun-Day.JPG. Looe_Music_Festival_2.JPG. vanlose1.JPG. vanlose2.JPG. imgID83660235.JPG. matheson.JPG.

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