Witches often find themselves in stocks and pillories in films, TV programmes and elsewhere. It seems to be an occupational hazard. I feel that witches are an under-appreciated minority, and this page is a tribute to them. And I don't want to be turned into a toad.

This museum (known as the Brujas de la Alcarria in Spanish) is devoted to the history of the persecution of alleged witches by the Spanish Inquisition. The museum is based in Monasteria de Monsalud Corcoles in Spain (not far from Madrid). In addition to general information on this theme, the museum contains virtual simulators that give visitors an impression of what it is like to be burned at the stake or publicly pilloried. The photos below show visitors trying out the virtual pillory experience.

13329530_777473515721695_505603461716972951_o.JPG. 13340238_997937030254808_6475221840422117737_o.JPG 13416986_997937323588112_6655233104815436236_o.JPG 13418631_997936323588212_2822715392951728197_o.JPG 13422252_777473562388357_6844485535737671063_o.JPG 13422326_997936773588167_1092175020388090010_o.JPG 13422342_777473529055027_2766364151681263051_o.JPG 17904450_1061380127295416_2193675443084546189_n.JPG

The photos below were taken at a re-enactment at the Brujas de la Alcarria (the Witches of the Alcarria).

13217526_988122164569628_2044631983070939673_o.JPG. 13227792_988123317902846_1564062932766096792_o.JPG 13244270_988122084569636_7070146256193166738_o.JPG 13528039_1012831885431989_6898939675160730765_o.JPG 13558974_1012832145431963_8233865226426032087_o.JPG 13585127_1012832278765283_701386648688512792_o.JPG 13603829_1012832712098573_552013053320256371_o.JPG 13613533_1012832395431938_1942086820944919826_o.JPG

"Dwight in Shining Armour" is an American children's programme, in which a witch called Hexela is imprisoned in a pillory by her love rival, Madgie. Later the tables are turned and Madgie gets a taste of her own medicine.

dwight_01.JPG. dwight_02.JPG. dwight_03.JPG. dwight_04.JPG. dwight_05.JPG. dwight_06.JPG. dwight_07.JPG.

dwight_08.JPG. dwight_09.JPG. dwight_10.JPG. dwight_11.JPG. dwight_12.JPG. dwight_13.JPG. dwight_14.JPG.

dwight_15.JPG. dwight_16.JPG. dwight_17.JPG. dwight_18.JPG.

These pictures are from an American TV drama, "Salem". The puritans disapproved of cosmetics and, in this case, perhaps with some justification.

on_earth01.JPG. on_earth02.JPG. on_earth03.JPG. on_earth04.JPG. on_earth05.JPG. on_earth06.JPG. on_earth07.JPG. on_earth08.JPG.

on_earth09.JPG. on_earth10.JPG. on_earth11.JPG. on_earth12.JPG. on_earth13.JPG. on_earth14.JPG.

Will these witches never learn? Yet another one is seen here receiving her just desserts in “Cry of the Banshee”.

Banshee24.JPG. Banshee28.JPG. Banshee29.JPG. Banshee31.JPG. Banshee36.JPG. Banshee38.JPG. Banshee39.JPG. Banshee40.JPG.

A couple of accused witches (including Vera Miles) are regretting applying to go on "Fantasy Island" in their search for good old fashioned moral values.

Fantasy2.JPG. Fantasy3.JPG. Fantasy6.JPG. Fantasy8.JPG.

A trip back in time to the 17th century in "Bewitched". I do have a soft spot for puritans. Strict, judgmental, and firm believers in redemption through public humiliation. What's not to like?

Bedwarmer8.JPG. Bedwarmer9.JPG. OldSalemTrip1.JPG. OldSalemTrip2.JPG.

A school trip to Salem results in accusations of witchcraft against "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". First Jenny is pilloried for protecting Sabrina, then Libby is pilloried for making false accusations. Ironically Sabrina (who is actually a witch) goes unpunished. It seems so unfair.

Sabrina4.JPG. Sabrina6.JPG. Sabrina1.JPG. Sabrina2.JPG. Sabrina16.JPG. Sabrina13.JPG. Sabrina15.JPG. Sabrina11.JPG.

A witch makes a guest appearance on "The Late Show" to complain about the over-use of the expression "witch hunt".

Witch_hunt_1.JPG. Witch_hunt_2.JPG. Witch_hunt_3.JPG. Witch_hunt_4.JPG. Witch_hunt_5.JPG. Witch_hunt_6.JPG.

From a Finnish witch film, called "Tulen Morsian".

Tulen_Morsian3.JPG. Tulen_Morsian5.JPG. Tulen_Morsian6.JPG. Tulen_Morsian2.JPG. Tulen_Morsian1.JPG.

A witch is pilloried in this short film from an Italian re-enactment group, Carmina Gaelica.

carmina_gaelica_01.JPG. carmina_gaelica_02.JPG. carmina_gaelica_03.JPG. carmina_gaelica_04.JPG. carmina_gaelica_05.JPG.

A short German film (on YouTube), which recreates aspects of a witch trial in 1658. Here we see the witch (Anna Eve) being pelted by the villagers.

anna_eve1.JPG. anna_eve2.JPG. anna_eve3.JPG. anna_eve4.JPG. anna_eve5.JPG. anna_eve6.JPG. anna_eve7.JPG. anna_eve8.JPG.

Some miscellaneous pictures.

Haxan5.JPG. From the 1922 Swedish film “Häxan”.

seal1.JPG. From Ingmar Bergam's classic film, “The Seventh Seal”.

seal2.JPG. Also from “The Seventh Seal”.

salem10.JPG. From a history programme about the Salem witch hunt.

Blackbird Pond.JPG. From a stage production of "The Witch of Blackbird Pond".

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