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A history programme for children (shown on Swedish television in 2018) in which the presenter, Arantxa Àlvarez, ends up in the pillory being pelted with vegetables.

Fatta_Historia01.JPG. Fatta_Historia02.JPG. Fatta_Historia03.JPG. Fatta_Historia04.JPG. Fatta_Historia05.JPG. Fatta_Historia06.JPG. Fatta_Historia07.JPG.

Fatta_Historia08.JPG. Fatta_Historia09.JPG. Fatta_Historia10.JPG. Fatta_Historia11.JPG.

These are from a Dutch YouTube channel called "Kinderboekenweek 2020 - Handboek voor historiehoppers: de Middeleeuwen", which translates as "Children's Book Week 2020 - Handbook for History Hoppers: the Middle Ages".

Roos_Visser_01.JPG. Roos_Visser_02.JPG. Roos_Visser_03.JPG. Roos_Visser_04.JPG.

The "Greedy Goat Game". More caprine fun, this time on a South American television programme. At one point, the TV host decides to join the goats in licking the victim's feet.

Angie6.JPG. Angie10.JPG. Angie14.JPG. Mariana y Jessica2.JPG. Mariana y Jessica7.JPG. Mariana y Jessica13.JPG. Mariana y Jessica15.JPG. Mariana y Jessica17.JPG.

An Italian TV show called "Ciao Darwin". If, like me, you tuned in expecting a learned debate on evolution, you are in for a surprise. This is probably regarded as family viewing by the somewhat relaxed standards of Italian television.

ScreenHunter_650 Jan. 13 18.01.JPG. ScreenHunter_664 Jan. 13 18.01.JPG. ScreenHunter_745 Jan. 13 18.07.JPG. ScreenHunter_696 Jan. 13 18.04.JPG. ScreenHunter_763 Jan. 13 18.07.JPG.

In the US version of "The Mole", Wendi is obliged to wander around a Spanish town all day while locked in a yoke and shackles.

TheMole15.JPG. TheMole18.JPG. TheMole24.JPG. TheMole30.JPG. TheMole35.JPG. TheMole37.JPG. TheMole42.JPG.

In this week's episode of Office Monkey, Tracy was found to have scoffed all the choccy biscuits. Management have taken decisive action to prevent a recurrence of this atrocity.

office1.JPG. office2.JPG. office3.JPG. office4.JPG.

These are from the Italian version of Big Brother, called "Grande Fratello". This particular scene seems to involve pillories....and a carpet beater. That's all I know about this show, although it does look fun.

Grande Fratello 8.JPG. Grande Fratello 10(1).JPG. Grande Fratello 10(2).JPG. maico9.JPG. mauro-maico9.JPG.

Desafio The Box 2022 is a Colombian reality competition television series, in which contestants are isolated on an island and compete for cash and other prizes. Teams can be punished for failure. In the following pictures a team have been locked in yokes, where they must remain for a day and a night. They start off in good spirits, helping each other to eat and drink. But the discomfort of the yokes gradually builds and, after a very uncomfortable night, they are very relieved to be released in the morning.

Desafío_01.JPG. Desafío_02.JPG. Desafío_03.JPG. Desafío_04.JPG. Desafío_05.JPG. Desafío_06.JPG. Desafío_07.JPG. Desafío_08.JPG.

Desafío_09.JPG. Desafío_10.JPG. Desafío_11.JPG. Desafío_12.JPG. Desafío_13.JPG. Desafío_14.JPG. Desafío_15.JPG. Desafío_16.JPG.

Desafío_17.JPG. Desafío_18.JPG. Desafío_19.JPG.

In Tales of the Unexpected, Joan Collins plays an obnoxious wife who, while posing for a photo, gets her head stuck in a modern art structure. Increasingly drastic methods are employed to extricate her from this predicament.

Unexpected1.JPG. Unexpected4.JPG. Unexpected10.JPG. Unexpected13.JPG. Unexpected15.JPG. Unexpected24.JPG. Unexpected25.JPG. Unexpected28.JPG.

Unexpected34.JPG. Unexpected42.JPG. Unexpected43.JPG. Unexpected45.JPG. Unexpected51.JPG. Unexpected54.JPG. Unexpected63.JPG. Unexpected62.JPG.

These pictures are from Hollyoaks, a British soap opera. No, its not set in the 18th century. This scene is from a film shoot, featuring characters from the cast.

ho1.JPG. “I've been sitting here since Monday....and I'm bored!”
ho2.JPG. “Oi! Fat arse! I'm about letting me have some of those vegetables?”
ho5.JPG. “That's the trouble with people around here. They take everything so literally.”
ho7.JPG. “Right, I've got enough for a salad now. Although I could do with some tomatoes. Oi! Big nose!”

An episode of Zorro called "Newcomers". Visitors to the town are treated to a welcoming ceremony.

Zorro1.JPG. Zorro3.JPG. Zorro4.JPG. Zorro5.JPG. Zorro8.JPG. Zorro10.JPG. Zorro12.JPG.

Gadzooks! There be witches everywhere. “Häxan”, “The Seventh Seal”, a history programme about the Salem witch hunt, and a stage production of "The Witch of Blackbird Pond".

Haxan5.JPG. seal1.JPG. seal2.JPG. salem10.JPG. Blackbird Pond.JPG.

Will these witches never learn? Yet another one is seen here receiving her just desserts in “Cry of the Banshee”.

Banshee24.JPG. Banshee28.JPG. Banshee29.JPG. Banshee31.JPG. Banshee36.JPG. Banshee38.JPG. Banshee39.JPG. Banshee40.JPG.

A couple of accused witches (including Vera Miles) are regretting applying to go on "Fantasy Island" in their search for good old fashioned moral values.

Fantasy2.JPG. Fantasy3.JPG. Fantasy6.JPG. Fantasy8.JPG.

A trip back in time to the 17th century in "Bewitched". I do have a soft spot for puritans. Strict, judgmental, and firm believers in redemption through public humiliation. What's not to like?

OldSalemTrip1.JPG. OldSalemTrip2.JPG. Bedwarmer1.JPG. Bedwarmer3.JPG.

A witch makes a guest appearance on "The Late Show" to complain about the over-use of the expression "witch hunt".

Witch_hunt_1.JPG. Witch_hunt_2.JPG. Witch_hunt_3.JPG. Witch_hunt_4.JPG. Witch_hunt_5.JPG. Witch_hunt_6.JPG.

From a Finnish witch film, called "Tulen Morsian".

Tulen_Morsian3.JPG. Tulen_Morsian5.JPG. Tulen_Morsian6.JPG. Tulen_Morsian2.JPG. Tulen_Morsian1.JPG.

A school trip to Salem results in accusations of witchcraft against "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". First Jenny is pilloried for protecting Sabrina, then Libby is pilloried for making false accusations. Ironically Sabrina (who is actually a witch) goes unpunished. It seems so unfair.

Sabrina4.JPG. Sabrina6.JPG. Sabrina1.JPG. Sabrina2.JPG. Sabrina16.JPG. Sabrina13.JPG. Sabrina15.JPG. Sabrina11.JPG.

More puritan justice. Lillian Gish cooling her heels in an early version of "The Scarlet Letter". This depicts a brush with the law in her youth (regrettably omitted from subsequent versions), not the more famous scene when she later stood on (but alas not in) the pillory.

A8.JPG. A9.JPG. gish.JPG. A11.JPG. A18.JPG.

Continuing this theme, these next pictures are from an American TV drama, "Salem". The puritans disapproved of cosmetics and, in this case, perhaps with some justification.

On Earth17.JPG. On Earth16.JPG. On Earth42.JPG. On Earth33.JPG. On Earth35.JPG. On Earth41.JPG. On Earth70.JPG. On Earth77.JPG. On Earth81.JPG.

A short German film (on YouTube), which recreates aspects of a witch trial in 1658. Here we see the witch (Anna Eve) being pelted by the villagers.

anna_eve1.JPG. anna_eve2.JPG. anna_eve3.JPG. anna_eve4.JPG. anna_eve5.JPG. anna_eve6.JPG. anna_eve7.JPG. anna_eve8.JPG.

Some few miscellaneous pictures.

LostBalloon7.JPG. A bit of a stretch for Mala Powers in "Flight of the Lost Balloon"

Goldfoot5.JPG. A thoughtful moment for Annette Funicello in that unforgettable classic "Doctor Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine". Yes, its the same pillory again.

wildhouse.JPG. From a British TV programme called "The Wild House". She's just about to get tomatoed, hence the worried look.

colonial_house.JPG. From an American TV programme called "Colonial House", where volunteers get to experience the realities of puritan life. This is a publicity photo; no pillories are used in the programme.

Lock Up2.JPG. From a film called "Lock up your daughters". The locals take this advice rather literally.
An-Magritt4.JPG. "An-Magritt", a Norwegian film. The manacles seem less effective than handholes; I can see why they never caught on.

Babes in Color11.JPG. "Babes in Toyland", a sickeningly twee Laurel and Hardy film.
CallingAllTars7.JPG. "Calling All Tars", a British Pathé newsreel film featuring a hiker who tries out the village stocks.
Escrava Isaura12.JPG. "A Escrava Isaura", a Brazilian TV drama.
Golden Temple Amazons 27.JPG. A shockingly bad film called "Golden Temple Amazons". There seems to be an inverse ratio between the quality of a film and the chances of stocks or pillories being featured. I take grave offence at this.
Into_the Dark_Pilgrim.JPG. A family's wish to celebrate an old fashioned Thanksgiving is hijacked by puritan extremists.

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