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If you want to view the films or TV programmes featured on the Vidcaps pages (or track down others which aren't featured), here is a list of the various scenes with some basic information to help you do further research.

Cara from the "Legend of the Seeker" discovers that them Mord-Sith and their poking sticks ain't welcome in these here parts.

Seeker0.JPG. Seeker4.JPG. Seeker6.JPG. Seeker20.JPG. Seeker23.JPG.

"Dwight in Shining Armour" is an American children's programme, in which a witch called Hexela is imprisoned in a pillory by her love rival, Madgie. Later the tables are turned and Madgie gets a taste of her own medicine.

dwight_01.JPG. dwight_02.JPG. dwight_03.JPG. dwight_04.JPG. dwight_05.JPG. dwight_06.JPG. dwight_07.JPG.

dwight_08.JPG. dwight_09.JPG. dwight_10.JPG. dwight_11.JPG. dwight_12.JPG. dwight_13.JPG. dwight_14.JPG.

dwight_15.JPG. dwight_16.JPG. dwight_17.JPG. dwight_18.JPG.

"Just for Laughs" is a Canadian television programme where practical jokes are played on unsuspecting members of the public. In this episode, passers by are invited to pose in a pillory for a photograph. Once they are secured in the pillory, the photographer produces a custard pie. There are some amusing reactions when the victims realise that they are about to receive a custard pie rather than the promised photograph. Unfortunately there is a further twist when, at the last moment, the photographer is pied by his assistant leaving the victim unscathed.

Just For Laughs 1.JPG. Just For Laughs 7.JPG. Just For Laughs 9.JPG. Just For Laughs 11.JPG. Just For Laughs 13.JPG. Just For Laughs 14.JPG. Just For Laughs 16.JPG. Just For Laughs 19.JPG.

From a swords and sorcery TV series called "The Outpost", starring Jessica Green. Here we see our heroine trapped in a hybrid pillory/guillotine.

Outpost2.jpg. Outpost6.jpg. Outpost10.jpg. Outpost11.jpg. Outpost13.jpg.

These pictures are from "Breaker High". There's something very satisfying about a pilloried brat.

BreakerHigh3.JPG. BreakerHigh4.JPG. BreakerHigh16.JPG. BreakerHigh26.JPG.

In the film "Mad Wolf", an innocent maiden in the American colonies is locked in a pillory and cruelly mistreated by evil British redcoats. No anti-English bias at all then. I'm sure it will receive the Mel Gibson seal of approval.

MadWolf1.JPG. MadWolf7.JPG. MadWolf10.JPG. MadWolf18.JPG. MadWolf20.JPG. MadWolf27.JPG. MadWolf31.JPG.

After a mishap in a time machine, Emma Peel of “The Avengers” experiences the delights of 16th century hospitality.

Emma6.JPG. Emma7.JPG. Emma8.JPG. Emma9.JPG. Emma12.JPG. Emma13.JPG.

A TV comedy called "The Last Man on Earth". A virus has wiped out most of world's population, leaving just a few survivors. In this post-apocalyptic scenario, law and order is maintained by traditional methods.

Last Man On Earth0.JPG. Last Man On Earth4.JPG. Last Man On Earth5.JPG. Last Man On Earth6.JPG. Last Man On Earth8.JPG. Last Man On Earth9.JPG.

In the 2004 film version of "Around the World in 80 Days", our intrepid adventurers find themselves in bamboo stocks cages. I don't remember Jules Verne writing about that.

EightyDays5.JPG. EightyDays6.JPG. EightyDays9.JPG. EightyDays11.JPG. EightyDays17.JPG. EightyDays19.JPG. EightyDays29.JPG.

Jennifer O'Dell visits “The Lost World” and finds that Camelot is not quite as chivalrous as she imagined.

LostWorld2.JPG. LostWorld3.JPG. LostWorld6.JPG. LostWorld13.JPG. LostWorld20.JPG. LostWorld22.JPG. LostWorld23.JPG.

In "Jessie", Emma and Luke get into trouble at a renaissance faire.

Jessie4.JPG. Jessie7.JPG. Jessie8.JPG. Jessie9.JPG. Jessie12.JPG.

Another inane Disney-type offering, this time "Bella and the Bulldogs". Bella is put in a pillory in a late 19th century western town. This programme should really sack its historical adviser.

BellaBulldogs0.JPG. BellaBulldogs14.JPG. BellaBulldogs15.JPG. BellaBulldogs19.JPG. BellaBulldogs26.JPG. BellaBulldogs37.JPG. BellaBulldogs69.JPG.

A BBC children's TV programme called Mud; much less sanitised than American children's television. The picture quality isn't great, but these are the best currently available.

Mud1.JPG. Mud2.JPG. Mud4.JPG. Mud7.JPG. Mud9.JPG. Mud10.JPG. Mud11.JPG. Mud13.JPG. Mud16.JPG.

In “Starlet” a wayward puritan wench is pilloried for picking her nose in church. She also gets fifty lashes for her atrocious acting. Not nearly enough in my opinion.

star1.JPG. star2.JPG. star3.JPG. star4.JPG.

A 1913 silent comedy, called "Milling the Militants". At the height of suffragetism, a henpecked husband dreams of how he would deal with militant women if he were Prime Minister. The vidcaps are poor quality I'm afraid, reflecting the age of the film.

milling1.JPG. milling5.JPG. milling6.JPG. milling7.JPG. milling9.JPG. milling10.JPG.

In "Against the Wind", Mary Mulvane realises too late why her passage to Australia seemed so inexpensive.

Against_the_Wind1.JPG. Against_the_Wind3.JPG. Against_the_Wind2.JPG. Against_the_Wind4.JPG.

In “Xena, Warrior Princess” (episode "The Path not Chosen"), Gaby discovers the punishment for wooden acting is particularly apt.

GabyYoke3.JPG. GabyYoke4.JPG. GabyYoke7.JPG.

Here's Gaby again (episode "Purity"), trying to get into Joxer's trousers with her foot. Don't ask!

WaterTorture19.JPG. WaterTorture1.JPG. WaterTorture2.JPG.

Not to be outdone by her sidekick, Xena tries out the cangue (episode "The Debt"). You can find out more about the cangue and other wooden restraints at this historical site.

XenaCangue13.JPG. XenaCangue27.JPG. XenaCangue41.JPG. XenaCangue43.JPG. XenaCangue48.JPG. XenaCangue52.JPG.

Trapped in a turkish bath....which looks suspiciously like Xena's cangue.

SteamBath1.JPG. SteamBath2.JPG. SteamBath4.JPG. SteamBath9.JPG.

Joxer's in trouble again (episode "Kindred Spirits"). This time he's yoked alongside an amazon. A very short amazon. Surprised they let her join up.

Kindred1.JPG. Kindred4.JPG. Kindred5.JPG.

These are from an episode of “Hercules”, excruciatingly entitled “Norse by Norse Vest”. A Viking cutie decides to visit the local hairdresser for a short back and sides.

Norse7.JPG. Norse6.JPG. Norse1.JPG. Norse2.JPG.

Caroline Munro getting her just desserts for dancing on a Sunday, from the film “Captain Kronos, Vampire Hunter”. Alas, Kronos disapproves of that excellent law and releases Caroline with one stroke of his trusty sword.

CaptainK3.JPG. “Damn hair! Wish I’d had a nice trim like blondie up there”
CaptainK12.JPG. “Hello, big boy. Watch what you’re doing with that sword!”
CaptainK21.JPG. “Free at last! Fancy a dance on the village green?”
CaptainK25.JPG. “I suppose a neck rub is out of the question?”

Some explanation might be needed for those unfamiliar with the British TV show called "Shooting Stars". Here we see a celebrity contestant paying a forfeit. Once she is secured and helpless, she is informed that she is to be molested by a small hippo. That's right, a hippo. The hippo is paraded before her and then (out of her sight) led off stage. One of the hosts then crawls under the stocks and (pretending to be the hippo) proceeds to molest the victim. To the delight of the audience who (unlike the victim) is aware of the substitution. Fun for all the family.

victoria03.JPG. victoria06.JPG. victoria12.JPG. victoria05.JPG. victoria16.JPG. victoria09.JPG.

Another outbreak of hippo molestation. Its based on an old English game, except they no longer use the traditional starving rats. Somehow its not as much fun without the rats.

mylene03.JPG. mylene05.JPG. mylene15.JPG. mylene16.JPG.

Gadzooks! There be witches everywhere. “Häxan”, “The Seventh Seal”, a history programme about the Salem witch hunt, and a stage production of "The Witch of Blackbird Pond".

Haxan5.JPG. seal1.JPG. seal2.JPG. salem10.JPG. Blackbird Pond.JPG.

The French can be just as mad as the English. "Intervilles" is a TV quiz show with an unusual format. The contestants are dressed as medieval peasants, locked in a yoke, then are asked questions....while goats lick their feet. Naturellement.

Intervilles1.JPG. Intervilles8.JPG. Intervilles22.JPG. Intervilles23.JPG. Intervilles29.JPG. Intervilles37.JPG.

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