I often find drawings more appealing than photos, perhaps because the victim's predicament seems more intense. The following reflect many different drawing styles, the only common link being that I find them interesting.

dreier.JPG. goat2.JPG. grz3036.JPG. queen.JPG. fantasia.JPG. soggo.JPG. dbsumv078.JPG. dbsumv079.JPG.

jane1.JPG. jane2.JPG. tickle1.JPG. 74f7efdc.JPG. tfta5.JPG. buffy.JPG. shan.JPG. cover3.JPG.

sandra.JPG. request03.JPG. stocks1.JPG. zita1.JPG. zita2.JPG. zita3.JPG. puritan1.JPG. st04.JPG. week0410.JPG. tib4.JPG.

bess2.JPG. 859a.JPG. 4605.JPG. tibl034.JPG. tibm08.JPG. tibs002.JPG. P-124.JPG. standing_stocks_by_ereugig-d55tueu.JPG. Willie_Pillory.JPG. mf26-mm1d.JPG.

tibl060.JPG. 1353350696116.JPG. red_sonja_68.JPG. Sensation Comics 73 Wonder Woman.JPG. wonderwoman2.JPG. malaterre.JPG. bonjour__by_cabroon-d8qg1at.JPG. FightinPillory0001.JPG. red-sonja-v3a-savage-queen-of-the-frozen-wastes-2-frank-cho-2.JPG. salem-set-design-stake.JPG.

Barbarella1.JPG. ariane_was_offensive_on_facebook.JPG. Cropped_Anime.JPG. tira_dalam_pasungan_1.JPG. interrogating_triss_by_mr_g_modder-d9twe9u.JPG. bunny_bound_in_stocks.JPG. day_3__late_afternoon__by_janorda_ddmj5yv-fullview.JPG. janor1.JPG. janor2.JPG.

bakelandt__kleur__pillory_1.JPG. bakelandt__kleur__pillory_2.JPG.

Photographic art

Here are some artistic photographs. I am using this term fairly loosely to cover performance art, advertising, professional photography etc.

withnell.JPG. bite_me_by_red_draken-d7ngdlh.JPG. take_stock_by_red_draken-d7ngdhf.JPG. 1491944234_86db1dd9b0_b.JPG. shrug_nottingham.JPG. tumblr_meu3v3T0oC1riyviro1_1280.JPG. chef.JPG. cepo1.JPG. carcan05.JPG. halli.JPG. js3.JPG.

Photo 11-11-2016, 01 02 55.JPG. Photo 11-11-2016, 01 03 03.JPG. Photo 11-11-2016, 01 02 35.JPG. 137.JPG. 311693833_1534724777045261_5908640202290113086_n.JPG.

Television cartoons

For those of you who have fond memories of old television cartoons, here is a quick nostalgia fix.


Scooby1.JPG. Scooby2.JPG.

Josie and the Pussycats

josie1.JPG. josie2.JPG.

Carmen Sandiego

WhereOnEarth1.JPG. WhereOnEarth4.JPG. WhereOnEarth16.JPG. WhereOnEarth17.JPG. WhereOnEarth25.JPG.

Star Trek

Trek1.JPG. Trek2.JPG. Trek3.JPG. Trek4.JPG.

Filmation's Ghostbusters

Futura4.JPG. Futura10.JPG. Futura12.JPG. Futura14.JPG. Futura16.JPG. Futura17.JPG. Futura18.JPG.

King of the Hill

king_of_the_hill_01.JPG. king_of_the_hill_02.JPG. king_of_the_hill_04.JPG. king_of_the_hill_05.JPG. king_of_the_hill_06.JPG. king_of_the_hill_08.JPG.

Anime and Video Games

These genres are a little outside my comfort zone, but I am reliably informed that this sort of thing is quite popular with the young people of today. So here we are, at the cutting edge of modern culture.

Fallout 3 - The Pitt

Pitt1.JPG. Pitt2.JPG. Pitt3.JPG. Pitt4.JPG.

Fallout 4 - Contraptions Workshop

Fallout-4-Pillory-1.JPG. Fallout-4-Pillory-2.JPG. Fallout 4 Bear Launcher-1.JPG. Fallout 4 Bear Launcher-2.JPG. Fallout 4 Bear Launcher-3.JPG. Fallout 4 Bear Launcher-4.JPG. 20170306141201_1_by_randomguysr1n7-db1f8fn.JPG. 20170306141305_1_by_randomguysr1n7-db1f8rj.JPG.

20170405180011_1_by_randomguysr1n7-db4sks6.JPG. Fallout-4-Pitching-Machine.JPG. Fallout-4-Pitching-Machine-1.JPG. tyome.JPG.

Fist of the North Star

Sara1.JPG. Sara6.JPG. Sara7.JPG. Sara9.JPG. Sara12.JPG.

Fairy Tail

FairyTail1.JPG. FairyTail9.JPG. FairyTail10.JPG. FairyTail12.JPG.

Himekishi Lilia

Himekishi3.JPG. Himekishi10.JPG.

Ikusa Otome Valkyrie

Valkyrie6.JPG. Valkyrie11.JPG.

Naruto: Shippuden

Naruto1.JPG. Naruto2.JPG. Naruto6.JPG. Naruto8.JPG.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

Maoyu8.JPG. Maoyu11.JPG. Maoyu14.JPG. Maoyu28.JPG. Maoyu32.JPG. Maoyu43.JPG. Maoyu45.JPG. Maoyu54.JPG.

Maoyu60.JPG. Maoyu80.JPG. Maoyu85.JPG.

Maria The Virgin Witch

Maria The Virgin Witch14.JPG. Maria The Virgin Witch17.JPG. Maria The Virgin Witch41.JPG. Maria The Virgin Witch56.JPG. Maria The Virgin Witch58.JPG. Maria The Virgin Witch63.JPG.

Music videos

Khuri is a Swedish music group. These pictures are from the video to their song called "Opposite Side".

khuri_fiddle1.JPG. khuri_fiddle3.JPG. khuri_pillory1.JPG. khuri_pillory4.JPG. khuri_pillory5.JPG.

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